Achilles Repair in delayed presentation

64 year old male who was vacationing in Hawaii, ruptured his left Achilles. He presented almost a month from his injury. Given the disruption and his Achilles healing elongated we proceeded with surgical reconstruction using Arthrex Midsubstance, Aminion (umbilical cord tissue) and used PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).

He is doing exceptionally well and on the road to recovery! He has another trip to return to Hawaii since his last trip was limited by his ruptured Achilles!

MRI confirmed complete rupture and he was healing with a 4 cm gap!

Delayed Achilles Repair with Haglund Deformity

75 year old male presented with subacute Achilles rupture. He also had chronic pain from his Haglund deformity. He could not walk without a limp thus underwent Achilles midsubstance shortening by 3.5 cm, MIS Haglund resection and repair with Arthrex speedbridge.

Walking at 7 weeks with NO pain and great strength! But most important, NO LIMP!

Acute Achilles rupture repaired via Arthrex Midsubstance Kit 

54 year old male with right Achilles rupture treated with midsubstance repair kit, he is around 2 months from repair, doing great! Ultrasound revealed 100% healed Achilles, he is now 100% cleared for all activities! Active mountain biker is very excited to get back on the slopes & terrain!

Achilles rupture treated with Arthrex Midsubstance repair

62 year old male who underwent minimally invasive operative repair of his acute Achilles rupture. He is at 3 months and is back to running! Very pleased with his recovery and stated the recovery was very smooth!

Achilles repair using Arthrex Midsubstance

86 year old male with subacute rupture, given his location it took him around a month to see us. Given he was healing “elongated” we decided to proceed with reconstruction using the Arthrex Midsubstance repair kit with Arthrex Amnion patch to promote healing and decrease scar adhesions.

He is 6 weeks out, walking with no pain! He is very ecstatic to return to his pre injury activities!

Small mini open Achilles repair, with the biotenodesis screws we had him walking in a CAM boot at 2 weeks after surgery!

Achilles Rupture treated NON-operatively with functional rehab and platelet rich plasma injections (PRP)

32 year old male who ruptured his right Achilles, after a thorough discussion we opted to treat his Achilles rupture conservatively using functional rehabilitation and two PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections. He is currently 6 months out and is doing well. The ultrasound shows a completely healed Achilles tendon and the muscle contour/bulk is returning. 

Right Achilles rupture treated withOUT surgery + PRP @ 9 months!

Acute Achilles rupture treated WITHOUT surgery

39 year old male who completely ruptured his Achilles. We discussed surgical and nonsurgical and after a thorough discussion we decided to treat it without surgery BUT augment with PRP and functional rehab. He is at 3 months, starting Physical Therapy, walking without pain and doing great!

Right Achilles rupture treated WITHOUT surgery + PRP @ 3 months!

Achilles Tendinosis treated with PRP injection

75 year old male with non-insertional Achilles tendinosis. Underwent conservative treatment plan of physical therapy, modified activities and shoewear. Pain persisted, we decided to try a series of platelet rich plasma injections. He had a total of 3 injections. The MRIs below are before his PRP, after 2 PRP and after his 3rd PRP. As seen the area of tendinosis (ie, the white line/dot) slowly disappears indicating the PRP is working to improve his Achilles and his symptoms are in line with the findings with the improvements seen on the MRI!

Achilles Tendinosis - 10 days after surgery!!!

63 year old male with chronic non-insertional Achilles tendinosis, underwent conservative care such as Physical Therapy and modified activities but the pain was unrelenting. Underwent operative debridement of the scarred tissue and repaired with stem cells and Amnion (ie, umbilical cord tissue).

The MRI reveals the area of tendinosis (ie, the white dot and striations)

He is 10 days out from surgery and doing exceptionally well! No pain and is ready to return to his activities such as racing his sports car!

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