Ankle Fracture fixed using Small Plates and Small Incisions

51 year old with trimalleolar ankle fracture fixed using fragment specific fixation and smaller incisions. Doing great at 6 weeks!

Excellent Motion @ 6 weeks!

Trimalleolar Ankle Fracture Dislocation

41 year old male with a trimalleolar ankle fracture dislocation. Treated staged with fragment specific fixation. He is 3 months out and back to light exercising and up to 8k steps per day!

Ankle Fracture Fixed using “Fragment Specific Fixation”

50 year old female with an unstable lateral malleoli Weber B fracture. Fixed using Arthrex 2.4 titanium plates and 2.5 titanium headless screw. The Syndesmosis was stabilized using Arthrex tightrope. Walking and pain “free” at 6 weeks after surgery!

Ankle Fracture treated with Minimally Invasive Surgery

59 year old with a Weber B ankle fracture. Had subtle widening of his medial joint space and clinically had a positive coronal plane shift. The ankle is a constrained joint and does not tolerate even 1 mm shift, which can change contact pressure in the ankle by upwards of 40%!

We proceeded with minimally invasive surgery via Arthrex Fibulock, at 3 months he is doing great, back to all activities such as running, hiking, skiing and snorkeling!

3 months after ankle fracture surgery!

Excellent range of motion after ankle fracture surgery!

Minimally Invasive Ankle Fracture Surgery
76 year old female with a trimalleolar ankle fracture dislocation. She is 3 months from her minimally invasive ankle fracture fixation. No pain, walking with no limp and is very pleased with her recovery and outcome. She is now back to her daily walks and just recently retired and is now ready to enjoy herself!

Walking pain free after her surgery at 3 months!

Weber C Ankle Fracture with Syndesmosis Disruption

63 year old male who injured his ankle while hiking. He sustained a Weber C ankle fracture. MRI confirmed syndesmosis injury. Given the instability we proceeded with minimally invasive operative fixation (ie, Arthrex Fibulock, tightrope and AiTFL internal brace). He is 6 months out and doing great, back to hiking and skiing. 

Walking, hiking & Skiing at 6 months after surgery!

Minimally Invasive Tibia & Fibula Fracture Surgery

73 year old female who tripped over her chihuahua dog and broke her distal tibia and fibula. 

She underwent operative fixation using an intramedullary nail (IMN) for her tibia and fibula fracture. The use of intramedullary nails is preferable due to the minimal dissection which greatly improves postoperative pain and precludes a faster recovery. She is nearly 7 months out and doing well. It was a long road to recovery but overall she had a very successful recovery and is now back to all of her preinjury activities such as walking her dogs. 

One of the more common sequelae of using IMN for tibia fractures is knee pain since inserting the IMN requires a split through the patellar tendon, but that pain tends to subside with time. This patient had the knee pain but that pain has greatly subsided.

Trimalleolar ankle fracture dislocation treated with fragment specific operative fixation and stem cells

73 year old female with a closed ankle fracture dislocation. Given the multiple small fracture pieces her ankle fracture was treated with fragment specific plate fixation, which requires multiple smaller incisions rather then the typical large single incision. We also used stem cells to expedite her healing and treat her cartilage injury. Her bones have healed with great alignment. At 4 months she is back to “everything” even wearing her high heel shoes!

She used arnica in the perioperative period which helped minimize her swelling and pain. I’ve found arnica, if it works, can be a good adjunct for musculoskeletal healing.

Full motion and no pain at 4 months!

Trimalleolar ankle fracture in Athletic Individual

52 year old male sustained a closed trimalleolar ankle fracture from a mountain bike accident. We proceeded with minimally invasive fragment specific fixation.

He is now 3 months from his surgery, doing exceptionally well! He is back to riding his road bike up to 50-100 miles per week, hiking regularly and swimming! He plans to go skiing this weekend! 

From the get go, he was motivated and determined to heal! His results thus far have been a compliment to his determination to get back to the “game!” The bottom picture reveals his amazing ankle motion!

Trimalleolar equivalent Ankle Fracture

29 year old female who broke her ankle from an accident. It was found she had a “trimalleolar ankle fracture” equivalent. Sought different opinions but she opted to proceed with the minimally invasive procedure.

She was walking at 8 weeks after her surgery. She healed well and given her age & activity we discussed removing her hardware 1 year from her procedure.

We recently removed most of her hardware. She is doing exceptionally well and very happy with her motion and healing!