Arthrex Internal Brace
Ankle Instability in Athletes

18 year old female with acute on chronic ankle sprains, athletic volley ball player. Underwent modified Brostrom Internal brace of the anterotalofibular and calcaneofibular ligament.

Playing in volleyball Tournament at 2 weeks from surgery!

She is #9!

Ankle Instability Surgery

41 year old male with chronic ankle instability from a nonunited avulsion fracture. Underwent modified Brostrom internal brace of his Anterotalofibular (ATFL), Calcaneofibular (CFL) and excision of avulsion fracture. Doing great at 2 weeks, these are his 2 week postoperative photos! Plan to have him start Physical Therapy in 1-2 weeks, if doing well will medically clear him to return to all activities in 4 weeks!

2 weeks after ankle stabilization via Brostrom Internal Brace!

Chronic Ankle Instability

27 year old female with chronic ankle instability after tripping off a curb, she tried to see if her ankle would heal but she continued to have pain, instability and even stopped wearing her high heeled shoes! Given she had failed conservative care, we proceeded to correct her instability with a modified Brostrom internal brace for her ATFL (anterotalofibular ligament) and CFL (calcaneofibular ligament) with injection of stem cells and PRP (platelet rich plasma) into her repaired ligaments and her peroneal brevis tendon. 

She is at 2 weeks and doing great! We will start her on PT and our plan is to medically clear her for all activities in 4 weeks, even high heeled shoes! She inquired about “spinning”, she is given the green light to start now, just 2 weeks after her surgery! 

We use minimal incisions and by using the internal brace ( we allow patients to walk immediately after their surgery! From the xrays, you can see the small “holes” for the internal brace anchors and her surgical incision is only 2 cm long!

2 weeks after Brostrom Internal Brace!

Modified Brostrom Internal Brace

48 year old female with chronic ankle instability who tried and failed conservative treatment. Decided to proceed with modified Brostrom internal brace of ATFL and CFL. She is two weeks out and doing great! Mild soreness and taking ibuprofen. We are starting her on PT, no longer needs the boot. Plan is to clear her for all activities in 4 weeks! Video is her walking at 2 weeks from surgery!

The MRI image highlights the striated and scarred ATFL (ie, anterotalofibular ligament) which correlated with her clinical exam of ankle instability.

Chronic Ankle Instability

57 year old female with chronic right ankle instability. Failed conservative care. The instability was affecting her daily activities. After undergoing the modified Brostrom ATFL (anterotalofibular ligament) and CFL (calcaneofibular ligament) reconstruction she is walking and on her way to a successful recovery!

Walking at 2 weeks after right ankle surgery!