Minimally Invasive (MIS) Haglund Resection

This is a 48 year old male who underwent a traditional open Haglund resection on the right by another provider. His recovery was 1 ½ years. On the left, I performed a Minimally Invasive Haglund resection, he was back to biking in 6 weeks and running with no pain at 3 months.

MIS Haglund Resection with Speedbridge Repair – walking at 2 weeks!!!

63 year old male with chronic insertional calcific Achilles tendinosis and Haglund deformity. After failed conservative care we decided to proceed with minimally invasive Haglund resection and Achilles repair using Arthrex Speedbridge.

He was walking without the surgical boot at 2 weeks from surgery! Currently he is at 6 weeks, has ZERO pain and is back to hiking and rowing! He is ecstatic with his excellent results!

The MRI reveals insertional tendinosis with a very large “mushroom” like Haglund deformity.

The xrays show the nice resection from his prior Haglund deformity.

MIS Haglund resection with repair walking pain free at 6 weeks!

MIS Haglund Resection with Flexor Hallucis Longus tendon transfer

66 year old male with severe calcific Achilles tendinosis with underlying Haglund deformity. He underwent a mini-open Haglund resection, FHL transfer and speedbridge repair.

We opted for the FHL transfer given he had over 50% of degeneration in the Achilles tendon.

He is 1 year out, doing very well! He is back to hiking and exercising and is very happy with his postoperative results!

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