Midfoot Fusion

73 year old female with end stage midfoot arthritis. She had tried all conservative measures to include modified activities, steroid injections, shoe inserts but was having life altering pain in her foot. Underwent midfoot fusion (ie, Arthrodesis of 1st to 3rd Tarsometatarsal joints) with stem cells/platelet rich plasma, calcaneal bone autograft. We used nitinol compression plates & staples with titanium headless screws. 

For midfoot fusions, the acute healing is 3 months but overall it is a year long recovery to get to the best of the best.

After 6 months, she is back to her daily walks with her husband and is very pleased with her results. Her foot is doing great!

In the xray one of the dynamite plates has broken. Broken hardware is not uncommon and can happen. If there are no symptoms these usually do not need to be addressed with future surgery, as is in this case, she has no symptoms thus will continue to follow conservatively.

Midfoot Fusion 

75 year old female with midfoot arthritis. She had tried and failed conservative measures. When walking her foot would “give out”. Walking was extremely painful and difficult.

She underwent 1st to 3rd Tarsometatarsal fusion with stem cell and calcaneal autograft. She is currently at 9 weeks, walks nearly pain free. She is very happy to walk again without an unstable painful foot!

At 9 weeks her fusion looks solid on xrays and her clinical exam supports her excellent recovery!