surgical Video of MiS Bunion Surgery

Walking pain free at 4 weeks!

56 year old female walking pain free from staged bilateral MIS Bunion corrective surgeries.

Doing great and pain free, walking in her athletic shoes!

Walking @ 4 weeks!

Full Recovery after Minimally Invasive Bunion surgery

56 year old male underwent MIS bunion procedure for chronic foot pain. He was back to biking at 6 weeks, running at 3 months and at 6 months is fully recovered. He is extremely happy with his results and is grateful he no longer has chronic foot pain!

Full recovery at 6 months and happy so he's "jumping for joy!"

MIS Bunion doing great at 6 weeks!

70 year old female who underwent MIS Bunion Akin osteotomy, walking at 4 weeks and doing great at 6 weeks. She had her left big toe fused and it took her 3 months before she could walk!

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

61 year old female with a painful bunion. With over 100 procedures available it can be quite challenging for patients to decide on the right procedure and right surgeon. I perform the Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Bunion procedure since it has excellent results and the procedure itself provides faster recovery with less pain. Risks of the MIS include hardware pain, nerve injury or paresthesia and wound infection, but these risks are likely with any procedure. Below are pre and post surgical pictures of her foot at 1 year out.

Minimal Scar Appearance!
Minimal Surgical Scars!
MIS Bunion Akin – walking at 2 weeks!

60 year old female with bilateral bunion pain. Had another provider who suggested a bunion procedure that would require her to not walk for 6 weeks and rehab for 3-6 months! She has bunions on both feet that were painful and wanted to eventually have them both fixed this year.

After we met we decided to proceed with MIS Bunion Akin. She started to walk at 2 weeks and transitioned into athletic shoes at 4 weeks! Some swelling but is walking with minimal pain at only 4 weeks from her bunion surgery! After recovering from her left she had her right performed 6 weeks after her index procedure.

She is very pleased with her outcome and function!

Final xrays, 6 months after bilateral MIS Bunion Akin osteotomies

2 weeks after surgery!

4 weeks after surgery!

6 weeks after surgery, very happy!

6 months from her bilateral bunion corrections, she loves her new feet!

Bilateral Bunions

56 year old female with painful bilateral bunions. She waited to find the right procedure and surgeon for her painful bunions. She sought us out and decided to pay “out of pocket” for her bunion surgery since no one at her Kaiser hospital performed the surgery. She had both bunions fixed, is now 4 months out and doing great! She is heading off to her vacation trip in the Grand Canyon!

MIS Bunion Staged for bilateral deformities

73 year old female who had her bunion deformities corrected 6 weeks apart using the MIS Bunion technique. Below are images of her right foot. She is doing exceptionally well, she stated the second one was much “easier” and would do it again in staged fashion.

The small “poke” hole incisions have healed nicely!

The two dots on her xray under the big toe are “sesamoids” and they should be located under the 1st metatarsal bone, from her pre to post xrays you can see the sesamoids are nicely reduced. 

Fixing the bunion using a "poke hole" surgical incision!

MIS Bunion

47 year old female who underwent the MIS Bunion Akin osteotomy is now 1 year out and she has completely healed. Her bone has remodeled nicely!

MIS Bunion for advanced bunion deformity

55 year old female with advanced bunion deformity, discussed varying options but opted for the MIS Bunion procedure.

Took very minimal pain medications afterwards, started walking relatively pain free at 2 weeks!

MIS Bunion walking at 2 weeks!

Abnormal big toe motion before surgery

Excellent motion of big toe after surgery at 4 weeks!

Painful Bunion & Mallet Toe

50 year old female with chronic foot pain. Underwent MIS Bunion and 2nd mallet toe correction. Its the first surgery she’s ever had and stated the pain was minimal, stopped taking pain meds after 3 days and is ecstatic about the aesthetic of her foot!

MIS Bunion & K taping

66 year old female with painful bunion and mid foot arthritis. After failing conservative care opted for MIS Bunion Akin procedure. Has had a great recovery. One of the techniques she applied was using K-tape to “train” the toe. Great idea and its something I suggest to my postoperative patients who have some residual toe pain after surgery. Below are photos of her X-rays, foot after surgery with K-tape applied.

MIS Bunion

68 year old male with bunion pain, sought differing opinions and decided to pursue MIS Bunion since his neighbor had the procedure with us and had a great result!

He had the MIS Bunion Akin procedure and did not take ANY narcotics, controlled his pain with ibuprofen and he stated “pain wasn’t that bad, my friends told me it would hurt, but it wasn’t that bad at all!”

MIS Bunion walking at 2 weeks!

6 weeks, minimal discomfort, back to hiking, biking and all of his activities!

Bunion & neuroma

69 year old female with neuroma and bunion. Was advised by another provider to treat just the neuroma. Given the fast recovery of the MIS bunion we decided to treat both!

She is 6 weeks out, back to her pleasure walking and biking! Every day she continues to improve!

Excellent range of motion at 6 weeks!

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

17 year old female with bunion pain. After extensive research, she and her family decided to proceed with the MIS Bunion procedure. Currently she is 6 months out from her left foot surgery. She had a very successful recovery and now desires to have the right bunion fixed.

The right foot has the classic bunion appearance = prominent medial eminence, pronated 1st toe with paresthesia over the bunion.
MIS Bunion 

31 year old female with foot pain due to her bunion. Sought varying opinions but opted for the MIS bunion procedure given the fast recovery, less pain, and cosmetic scars.

She took pain medications for just a few days after surgery and has had a very smooth recovery. We transitioned her to athletic shoes at 4 weeks and started her on PT. She was allowed to return to using her Peloton at 4 weeks after her surgery!

Walking at 4 weeks after surgery!

Walking pain free 6 weeks after surgery!

MIS Bunion at >1 year

45 year old female who underwent MIS bunion, eventually had the hardware removed due to hardware irritation. She is doing very well!

She at first avoided bunion surgery since she was afraid to damage her tattoo but as can be seen her tattoos look great!

Is very pleased with her recovery, aesthetics and the fact her tattoo looks unharmed!

Excellent range of motion of the 1st toe joint!

Minimally Invasive Bunion and 2nd Plantar Plate Repair

68 year old male with Rheumatoid Arthritis, significant chronic foot pain and deformity that prevented him from enjoying walks and hikes. Sought different opinions but decided to proceed with a Minimally Invasive Bunion with 2nd plantar plate repair. This is the patient at 6 weeks from date of surgery.

Bunion with midfoot arthritis in a patient with co-moribidities

74 year old female with a painful bunion and midfoot arthritis. She had tried orthotics, steroid injections and even PRP (platelet rich plasma) but failed. We initially planned to proceed with a Lapidus Bunionectomy and fusion of 2-3rd tarsometatarsal (TMT) joints but given her comorbidities such as poorly controlled diabetes and the long recovery time we opted to proceed rather with a minimal approach. She underwent a MIS Bunion with fusion of only her 2nd TMT.

She had a smooth recovery without any complications. She is now 1 year out, doing very well & she is back to walking nearly pain free. She has some soreness in the foot due to arthritis in her 3rd TMT but that is treated well by wearing over the counter arch supports. She is is very pleased with her functional recovery and ability to walk and enjoy her life without the debilitating foot pain she had before surgery!

Minimally Invasive Bunion & 2nd Hammertoe Surgery

67 year old male with foot pain. Yes! Men do get bunions! He was scheduled for the open Lapidus procedure with 2nd hammertoe fixation but after a thorough discussion he opted for the MIS bunion. These are his pre and post operative radiographs and clinical pictures. Overall, easy recovery, little pain, and in the end, very satisfied patient.

Failed foot surgery revised with MIS Bunion Akin and DMO (Distal Metatarsal Osteotomy)

60 year old female who underwent prior surgery which left her impaired and unable to walk. Sought different opinions but after we met and had a thorough discussion she opted to proceed with MIS (minimally invasive surgery).

She is 4 weeks from surgery and doing amazingly well! No foot pain and is now walking in tennis shoes! She is excited to return to her active lifestyle before her prior failed surgery which left her quite debilitated and in constant pain! Her 2nd toe was “frozen” and painful to move before surgery but now has no pain with motion.

Walking pain free at 2 months!

BILATERAL MIS Bunion Akin procedure

57 year old female with painful bunions on both feet. After a thorough discussion she opted to have BOTH bunions fixed at the same time. The MIS Bunion is a very well tolerated procedure with reliable recovery and thus is one of very few procedures I offer to perform bilaterally.

She stopped taking any narcotics and we started walking using her walker and bilateral surgical boots at 2 weeks. She transitioned to shoes at 6 weeks at started PT. She is very pleased with the aesthetics of her feet thus far!

Walking at 6 weeks!

3 months out and doing great after bilateral MIS Bunion procedures.

She states the shoe that is quite comfortable to wear is the HOKA Recovery Slide.

I’ve tried them myself and agree the HOKA Recovery Slides are great for recovering from foot surgery and fractures!

6 weeks from Minimally Invasive Bunion (MIS Bunion) Surgery

47 year old female who underwent the MIS bunion surgery, walking and driving at 6 weeks, the swelling is slowly dissipating with minimal pain. She stopped taking narcotics after 1 week! She is excited and ready to return to her active lifestyle!

General "basic" recovery timeline from the MIS bunion is as follows:
1. First two weeks you are heel weight bearing in a surgical boot
2. From week 2-4 weeks you gradually progress to flatfoot weight bearing in a surgical boot and transition to a postoperative shoe
3. From 4-6 weeks you gradually transition to normal shoe wear and start physical therapy
4. From 6 weeks on, if pain is minimal and you can walk comfortably without the postoperative shoe or surgical boot, then you can drive and return to leisure walking
5. From 10-12 weeks you are medically cleared for high impact exercises, but depends xrays and clinical exam to ensure appropriate healing. Swelling is one the last symptom to resolve and usually takes around 3 months

Failed Bunion treated with MIS Bunion & percutaneous distal metatarsal osteotomy

78 year old female with prior bunion surgery & “toe surgery” many years ago by another surgeon. Walking was extremely painful due to the calluses on the bottom of her foot and her foot “look deformed”. Given her failed bunion surgery she was very reluctant to ever undergo another procedure.

After much discussion she opted for revision surgery with MIS Bunion Akin osteotomy and percutaneous distal metatarsal osteotomy of 2-5 toes and 3rd hammertoe correction. She had a great recovery, no longer has any pain and the painful calluses have disappeared. She is extremely happy and grateful to walk again with no pain after many years of having a painful foot. The post surgery xray is on the left and pre surgery on the right.

The picture reveals a nice foot that appears “normal” and the surgical scars are from her prior failed surgery, the recent percutaneous incisions are nearly invisible!

She has a similar failed bunion surgery on the left foot and is looking to have the same procedure on her left foot!

BILATERAL MIS Bunion with Distal Metatarsal Osteotomy (DMO)

67 year old female with bilateral foot pain, sought many surgical opinions and was told a variety of surgical options. She was having intractable pain and needed something done. She decided to have a MIS Bunion with DMO given the shorter recovery, lower complication rate and overall success. She did exceptionally well and her foot pain went away. She is now finally able to do activities such as play tennis and enjoy her long hikes with no pain!

Walking at 3 months with no pain!

MIS Bunion combined with midfoot fusion

67 year old female with bunion, midfoot arthritis with bone spur and foot cyst that was causing nerve pain. Underwent MIS Bunion Akin osteotomy with 2-3rd tarsometatarsal fusion with stem cells and cyst removal. A little over 2 months out, doing well with PT.  She is looking forward to having her other foot fixed with MIS Bunion from a prior failed bunion surgery. When she compared her experience from her traditional “open” bunion of her left foot to her recent MIS bunion on the right, she stated the MIS Bunion was “a cakewalk” and would recommend it but would never recommend the traditional open procedure!

Below are post & pre xrays of her right foot and her postoperative foot picture with minimal MIS bunion scars. At the bottom are comparative xrays from her failed left “open” bunion and right MIS bunion procedures.

Failed Bunion

66 year old female who underwent an “open” bunion procedure by another provider. She recalls it being one of the most painful experiences she ever had. Eventually the bunion recurred and she was left in more pain! After counseling we decided to revise her failed foot surgery with MIS Bunion Akin osteotomy, 2-3rd plantar plate repair, 2nd & 4th hammertoe correction and 5th curly toe tenotomy. A LOT of surgery! She is now ecstatic with her foot appearance, her functionality is 100% and has no foot pain! Xrays below (ie, starting left to right) show her foot after her open bunion procedure, the recurrence and finally her final result.

100% satisfied with her revision bunion surgery!

Prior Failed Bunion surgery

54 year old female with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Had prior bunion surgery and bone spur removal on both feet. The surgeries were unsuccessful. She continued to have foot pain that limited her mobility and do things she enjoys such as hiking.

We proceeded with staged procedure. On her left we performed MIS Bunion Akin with 2nd plantar plate repair and on her right we proceeded with Cartiva implantation with Moberg osteotomy and Tarsal Tunnel release.

She is 1 year from her procedures, back to hiking and walking pain free! Very happy with her results!

Xrays before surgery

Final Xrays Left foot

Final Xrays Right foot

Final Foot photo

Walking with no pain! She has her life back!