67 year old male with ankle injury and on MRI found to have a longitudinal split tear of the peroneal brevis tendon. Tried bracing and PT with little relief. Before surgery was decided we tried a single PRP injection. Given the pain improved drastically, we decided to obtain another MRI. To our excitement we could see the tendon has started to heal!

Given his symptoms are not completely gone our plan is to try another PRP injection!

Peroneal Tendon Tear

76 year old male with chronic ankle pain from peroneal brevis tear and peroneal longus tendinopathy. The tear was too advanced for PRP and he had failed conservative care. He underwent a peroneal brevis to longus tenodesis (ie, tying the two tendons together) and wrapped with Arthrex Amnion wrap (ie, umbilical cord tissue used to prevent scarring and its numerous growth factors).

He is 6 months out from surgery and back to his activities such as hiking and excercise with no pain. He is very happy with his surgery.

As can be seen in the video, despite tying the two tendons together his range of motion and gait are still great!